Max Control ® FCX-18

Price: USD 710
The Max Control ® FCX-18 is a MIDI foot controller that evolved from previous designs.
It is 100% configurable, you can assign all buttons to functions like instant access or presets. Even Bank up/down buttons can be reconfigured.
The LCD 16 x 2 display shows current preset number and name, and brings ease of use. Along with the Up/Down/Ok/Cancel buttons, it provides an intuitive user interface for menu navigation, making configuration tasks easier. The layout of numeric multitap buttons allows to enter numeric values and text quickly.
The Help button brings contextual help when configuring the unit.
Two 9V ouputs provide power to effect pedals.
Several FCX-18 can be connected in daisy chain using the soft thru function.
The 4 expression pedal inputs are configurable at preset level.


  • 18 metallic buttons
  • All buttons are configurable as Instant Access
  • 128 user presets
  • 16 x 2 LCD text display
  • USB
  • 4GB FLASH memory
  • 4 expression pedal inputs
  • 7 amp controller relay outputs
  • 2 9V power outputs
  • Supports phantom power (7-pin MIDI cable should be used)
  • Dimensions: 465mm x 325mm x 80mm