Max Control ® FCX-8

Price: USD 540
The Max Control ® FCX-8 is a programmable MIDI foot controller with integrated audio switcher and amp controller.
It is 100% configurable, you can assign all buttons to functions like instant access or presets. Even Bank up/down buttons can be reconfigured.
The LCD 16 x 2 display shows current preset number and name, and brings ease of use. Along with the Ok/Cancel/Next buttons, it provides an intuitive user interface for menu navigation, making configuration tasks easier.
The Help button brings contextual help when configuring the unit.
The 2 amp controller relay outputs allow to control amplifiers through their footswitch jack.
The integrated 8-loop and 2-output audio switcher allows to switch up to 8 effects.
Several FCX-8 can be connected in daisy chain using the configurable thru function.
The 2 expression pedal inputs are configurable at preset level.


  • 9 metallic buttons
  • All buttons are configurable as Instant Access
  • 270 user presets
  • 16 x 2 LCD text display
  • 2 expression pedal inputs
  • 2 amp controller relay outputs
  • 8-loop true bypass audio switcher with 2 ouputs
  • Supports phantom power (7-pin MIDI cable should be used)
  • FCX-8 SysEx Editor for Windows available
  • Dimensions: 562mm (width) x 95mm (depth) x 80mm (height)