Max Control ® FCX-12

Max Control ® FCX-12 MIDI Foot Controller is an advanced MIDI controller with integrated amp controller and audio switcher, with a design that arises as an evolution of existing foot controllers.
It is fully customizable, allowing to configure any of the buttons as preset, audio loop, amp control or instant access, and even change the location of Bank Up/Down Bank buttons. Buttons can also send customized MIDI strings.
The 16x2 LCD display shows preset and configuration information in an easy-to-read format.
During setup, the Help button provides context sensitive help.
The built-in true bypass audio switcher allows pedal switching on the floor. The built-in amp controller provides full control of amplifier functions.
When another controller is plugged in the MIDI IN jack, all MIDI messages are forwarded to MIDI OUT/THRU, merging the MIDI messages . This way you can chain several FCX-12.
There are 2 inputs for expression pedals, which are fully configurable, at global or preset level.


  • 12 rugged metal push buttons
  • Any (or all) of the buttons can be configured as instant access, audio loop or amp control relay
  • 128 presets
  • LCD Display of 16 character x 2 lines
  • 2 expression pedal inputs, configurable at global or preset level
  • Built-in audio switcher with 8 true bypass audio loops
  • Built-in amp controller with 7 relay outputs
  • 7-pin MIDI OUT jack allows phantom power